Brother Sister First Time
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is a lying BITCH! this is not her why is she trying to say this is her on her site on xvideo. she has two other videos claiming that is her. get her kicked off for lying and making money on xvideo as that is not in their rules.
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when she first came on line she claimed she was in reno. not true. also she claimed she was single. caught with wedding rings on more than once. she lies all the time. and she hates liars. fucking lying cunt bitch!
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mandy flores is claiming this is her on her profile on xvideo. fucking lying cunt. she s always lying. BIH FICK WAS RIGHT. SHE LOST HIS SUPPORT!
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That is not Mandy Flores not the one I know of at least hell her eyes are not even the right color Many Flores has brown eyes those are closer to green.
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I'm so wet right now!
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"Curious Christine" is amazing...
Comentario #139 - Hecho por Yourbro el 01/06/2015
BTW, this is NOT Mandy Flores.
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Bla-bla-bla, 5 minutes of spending time. Shit, when did she shut up ? She must suck, then she keep silent.....
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Is she the same Mandy Flores? The one that is dark haired brunette. I just can't tell if they are one of the same.
Comentario #133 - Hecho por The duder el 14/05/2015
I was maul that bitch so hard she'd pull a joe dirt callin me her brother
Comentario #132 - Hecho por Rikart486 el 04/05/2015
Yeah, her personality IS very nice. And sweet too. Of course this IS acting. I'm just stuck on the American-slim-and-pretty stereotype. It has nothing to do with how I treat people. This is fantasy porn. I like my bitches hot. I like tight asses. I hate big butts, squiggly butts that aren't big but need firming up with exercise, and especially thick thighs or cellulite - those little pebbly fat deposits under womens skin on thighs and asses. UGLY.
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Yeah, her personalit IS very nice. And sweet too. Of course this IS acting. I'm just stuck on the American-slim-and-pretty stereotype. It has nothing to do with how I treat people. This is fantasy porn. I like my bitches hot. I like tight asses. I hate big butts, squiggly butts that aren't big but need firming up with exercise, and especially thick thighs or cellulite - those little pebbly fat deposits under womens skin on thighs and asses. UGLY.
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Rikart, shes not even fat, yeah she got abit here n there but she doesnt come remotely close as to what real fat person can be like. Shes got a very cute face, i like her hair, shes tanned n curvy n id treat her good in the bed.. but she aint fat, far from it..
Comentario #129 - Hecho por Rikart486 el 26/04/2015
Frankly, right off the bat, for my preferences, she just too fat. Fat women are just not sexy. I don't mean in real life that a fat woman can't be a wonderful, loving wife or companion. This is porn. Fantasy porn. God, is this a monlogue? I hate monlogues. I need visuals. And dialog. OK, here's a dick. C'mon baby, make it hot! STOP TALKING! Suck. Swallow. Fast Fwd. Now fuck her! Do it. STOP TALKING! She doesn't even sound excited. Damn.
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Comentario #127 - Hecho por Windy City Bob el 22/04/2015
"fake", there is lots of REAL incest on here. People actually show ID's etc. As to filming it and where issue? What jurisdiction prevails? And how do prosecutors prove where it took place? Unless one of them or both confesses. Also incest definition is murky. First cousins can marry in several states, but not in others. So are they committing incest or not if they share a marital bed?
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Damn yall dumb..they not really brother & sister,...& although she sexy,,i was just wiishin she just stfu already!
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Comentario #116 - Hecho por fake el 21/03/2015
this is untrue because the law in USA not tolerant with incestuous actions , so no girl will dare to film herself having sex with bro
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She is fuckin hot. Love it.
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anybody know her full name?
She's both cute and sexy at the same dam time lol
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Me and my sister took each others virginity we still fuck we can't get married but we live together and we have wedding rings on. She wants to get pregnant but scared to.
Comentario #99 - Hecho por Jethro el 28/01/2015
It's a sin to mark your body in remembrance of the dead. I think it should be more so if you murdered them.
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Nana and man
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The tattoo on her back is an angel holding her aborted foetus that she and her brother conceived
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Ahahaha brother and sister? The sister with ring on her hand
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This girl is hot. But I sorta wanna fuck my sister. I'm not attracted to her at all in that sense but just to have fun... how do I approach?
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I could have done without the first four and one half minutes of BULLSHIT! Just fuck him, stupid. The last couple of minutes were the same. Action it self was good.
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she is very hot, very pretty face, fantastic body, I want her on my dick
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That poor guy! Being USED like that by his older sister! He'll never be the same! Wish I was him! HAHA!! Great bod on her!
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For those of you who don't like the dialog don't click on a video that says brother and sister fucking retards
Comentario #73 - Hecho por theDude el 20/11/2014
This was a great video. Just because it's a young man and an older woman does not make it mom and son or an old man and a young girl doesn't make it daddy and daughter. It's the dialog that sells the fantasy.
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This should be a good one
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Oh I love the comment section, it's better than youtube's sometimes
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fuck up. This couldve been one of the greatest pornos of all time but that bitch is too dumb
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She goes by Curious Cristine. Search here on xvideos, theres a bunch more vids of her
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@Apalmer - Christine what? Full name?
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Very sexy and erotic video this girl can really turn guys on with that sexy voice.
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Have these fuckers ever heard of noise cancellation?
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Comentario #29 - Hecho por I don't see the problem el 21/07/2014
Recreational incest seems normal to me. It's good practice for when they get into relationships and they both use each other for pleasure rather than sex toys. Besides sisters should be their brothers sex slaves.
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are between brother and sister. mine was but much much younger. first we just looked at each other and felt the naughty parts. soon figured out using mouth and tongues. best blowjob i ever got was little sis sucking it like a popsicle before she even had boobies. hot.
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Christine deserves way better than the shitty production values she endures in her videos. Even with bad lighting, terrible sound, and the worst cameramen imaginable she still gives a great performance every fucking time.
Comentario #22 - Hecho por LOL GET GOOD NOOB el 12/07/2014
I remember my first time, instinct took over. I know it's fake and all but the guy they picked is a retard. You'd have to basically be brain dead to move that slow. -_-
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this is so wrong but hot at the same time....even though they're not really brother and sister
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Curious Christine
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