Comentario #679 - Hecho por Piggletgirl el 18/02/2017
So nice to see bitches in their place
Comentario #678 - Hecho por Brianmru el 16/02/2017
piece of art =) <3 <3 <3
Comentario #677 - Hecho por Fuck my mango a el 11/02/2017
I love for older pervert guys to abuse me humiliate me I used to suck my uncles cock he once dressed me in pink hello kitty pants and took me to gay bar tied me in toilet and loads of men pissed on me punished me video recorded it they used me so good I love filthy minded hairy older dominant men hi love sissy boy to abuse
Comentario #676 - Hecho por Petvert el 11/02/2017
Mmmmmm love it
Comentario #675 - Hecho por One day el 05/02/2017
One day, people will understand that some girls (and boys) like to feel pain and like to feel humilliated while fucking, and there is nothing wrong with that...
Is just be masochist.
Comentario #674 - Hecho por Submittomeslut el 18/01/2017
Damn i love submissive sluts; hot video
Comentario #673 - Hecho por Supinder_kaur el 22/12/2016
every girl deserve this treatment young or old doesn't matter infact v girls shuld b raised to believe that v r property for men to use as they please its okay if our dads uncles brothers sons any man hit us beat us use us abuse us and v must accept it v as women must serve men that why god created us with 3 holes and pair of tits and soft weak body so dat any man culd take benefit of our weak little body and use our soft warm holes for his pleasure
Comentario #672 - Hecho por hhkkyy el 12/12/2016
Girls dogs Sex just give them the money to do this
Comentario #671 - Hecho por Eva el 12/12/2016
Je suis une fille saine de corps et d'esprit. Et je trouve cela excitant. Je ne vois pas pourquoi j'aurai ma place dans un asile. Chacun est libre d'avoir ces propres fantasme.
Comentario #670 - Hecho por Lakost el 09/12/2016
I wish all these girls treat me like these monsters are treating them. Worshiping their feet swallowing from them cleaning up them.
Comentario #669 - Hecho por Hugeco047 el 24/11/2016
Name of the last scene anyone?
Comentario #668 - Hecho por lol el 14/11/2016
wrong side
Comentario #667 - Hecho por Fuckmonster8 el 08/11/2016
all bitches should be treated like this.
Comentario #666 - Hecho por big dick dave el 03/11/2016
damn this shit excites me, bust hella fast smh
Comentario #665 - Hecho por Ty71 el 31/10/2016
Bitch you need to cut the amateur clowns loose and cum to Daddy. I'll show you your worth and make sure you're fucked and sucked until your eyes roll out. If you need a mother-fucker to slap you around to get off, you're not much of a good fuck.
Comentario #664 - Hecho por Amazing! el 30/10/2016
Melissa Lauren is such a dumb slut. They get really nice and rough with her. Even manage to break her a few times. She tries to keep it together but you can see how sad she is and how little she thinks of herself. Very hot. Made me cum like crazy.
Comentario #663 - Hecho por (:o) el 25/10/2016
Funny, so many people critical of the men in this vid, but the women are allowing it. There just as bad as the men. Hot sluts though, came hard.
Comentario #662 - Hecho por Sexyyamen el 17/10/2016
Comentario #661 - Hecho por Scary shit el 27/08/2016
What The hell is wrong with people. these people should be stoned to death.
Comentario #660 - Hecho por Valeriebowser el 03/07/2016
Thats what my first time was like
Comentario #659 - Hecho por Abap el 26/06/2016
I hate women
Comentario #658 - Hecho por Nichole el 22/06/2016
Wow was the first girl bleeding?
Comentario #657 - Hecho por Annjj22 el 17/06/2016
So Good, I need that. Rougher!
Comentario #656 - Hecho por White madness el 04/06/2016
The men should be put behind bars. The women in a mental institution.. They probably come from fatherless families and don't have the support they require for their own stupid extravagant lifestyle.. Tattoos cost a lot of money and if U r broke why have a tattoo? Thus my reasoning for a mental institution. lastly the colour of skin should have nothing to do with this vulgar behaviour.
Comentario #655 - Hecho por Whywhywhywhy el 31/05/2016
Just why
Comentario #654 - Hecho por Prettylilrapemeat el 20/05/2016
Mmm I'd love my daddy to watch me getting this treatment!
Comentario #653 - Hecho por Lucidselfdestruction el 13/05/2016
Last scene is brandy starz meat holes you're welcome
Comentario #652 - Hecho por fee el 09/05/2016
wow this is so strange...And hit somone with your fist is not nice.
Comentario #651 - Hecho por Lily el 03/05/2016
My heart goes out to these woman they Are probably severely traumatised and will most likely have to keep trying to escape the triggers of this for the rest of theit life. They will never be the same. . Assholes picks deserve to be stoned to death.
Comentario #650 - Hecho por Funnyworldseesme el 23/04/2016
respect everybody.. this is really a bull shit... this is why aliens don't visti us... be humane
Comentario #649 - Hecho por i am a whore and love it. el 12/04/2016
one night my hubby bashed me as I was not already naked on his bed with my cunt open waiting to be fucked. he roughed me up then fucked my cunt and arse I enjoyed the treatment he continued doing it the next day, I had multiple orgasms until I passed out, he filled both my arse and cunt with cum. we do this regularly now best fuck time ever. love it
Comentario #648 - Hecho por Im a whore el 07/04/2016
I want to be treated like this by strange men
Comentario #647 - Hecho por Whores are NOT PEOPLE el 07/04/2016
they are meat created to be used by cock
Comentario #646 - Hecho por I Need Feminism Because el 07/04/2016
Some Whores think their people
Comentario #645 - Hecho por nee ranku mogidini el 22/03/2016
Nee puku gatti gaseeki naa sulla nee notilo peeti gatti ga nooki 5neemesalu alaga bunchi puku lo peeti gaa ti ga dengali
Comentario #644 - Hecho por teri ma'am ka bhosda el 22/03/2016
Bsdike madarchod agar ni chodna h toh hme de do
Comentario #643 - Hecho por WTF el 21/03/2016
seriously wtf this is so sick! take this shit down!!!!
Comentario #642 - Hecho por elvis i jego suki el 21/03/2016
so wired :/
Comentario #641 - Hecho por Ximena-fernandez-travesti-putachile el 19/03/2016
me encanta que me mltraten !!! ♥
Comentario #640 - Hecho por Renatu1 el 11/03/2016
Comentario #639 - Hecho por rock el 07/03/2016
They should be tortured more
Comentario #638 - Hecho por Take it down el 07/03/2016
Comentario #637 - Hecho por Weird el 07/03/2016
From my personal experience some girls actually enjoy this. A little of it is a bit extreme but my ex used to like a little slapping now and then and my current girlfriend loves to get choked during sex. Some girls are just weird I guess
Comentario #636 - Hecho por Your Neighbour el 03/03/2016
If u do this i fuck u up for life U sick fuck!
Comentario #635 - Hecho por Leather-1 el 26/02/2016
give their tits a belting and spunk in their mouths
Comentario #634 - Hecho por OMFG el 08/02/2016
This is terrible ,y did the even put this up
Comentario #633 - Hecho por Alkimia33 el 15/01/2016
If all their daddies could see them... lols
Comentario #632 - Hecho por Wtf el 12/01/2016
This is wrong on so many levels.
Comentario #631 - Hecho por This el 11/01/2016
Is why you should never fuck a guy with Tourettes
Comentario #630 - Hecho por Johnnygee48 el 18/12/2015
good girl Melissa, just looking at her makes you want to destroy her
Comentario #629 - Hecho por Indiana Jones el 15/12/2015
White bitches ain't shit
Comentario #628 - Hecho por yes el 13/12/2015
Abuse this useless sluts. I love this, fuck them to death
Comentario #627 - Hecho por non el 12/12/2015
Comentario #626 - Hecho por Dullbladezinger el 06/12/2015
Who was the girl in red? I feel sorry for her.
Comentario #625 - Hecho por moi el 05/12/2015
men who produce and play in this kind of film abusing women this way are all son of a bitch
Comentario #624 - Hecho por WTFF el 01/12/2015
WTF is horrible
Comentario #623 - Hecho por Hdbx el 15/11/2015
To all the retards....they know what their getting into...
Comentario #622 - Hecho por anon el 15/11/2015
how is this legal?
Comentario #621 - Hecho por Aimee el 30/10/2015
I love this kind of sex! I want to be treated this way. Where can I find REAL MEN like these???
Comentario #620 - Hecho por weak el 29/10/2015
Fucking pussies. Hit their faces and put your toes in their asses and for fuck sakes bite them
Comentario #619 - Hecho por Ya this is a whole new el 22/10/2015
Meaning to FISTING.. Lol .. Royal flush.. Lol.. Being a human chokher.. The one time I finally think what I always here others say "daddy must be proud" and "that's someone's daughter".. Well it's true "daughter destruction", way more than the website that bears the same name
Comentario #618 - Hecho por Retards el 05/10/2015
The girls KNOW what they're getting into. They've agreed to this.
Comentario #617 - Hecho por Starkiller8682 el 16/09/2015
Guys went to far
Comentario #616 - Hecho por Dommystery el 29/08/2015
Fuck yes
Comentario #615 - Hecho por Dunno el 25/08/2015
Lol big spam
Comentario #614 - Hecho por wtf el 25/08/2015
thats not rough sex thats domestic violence you sik fuckers
Comentario #613 - Hecho por jujurenoi el 24/08/2015
C'est nul
Comentario #612 - Hecho por Nice Dick el 24/08/2015
Sorry all girls.
Comentario #611 - Hecho por Jihadi john el 24/08/2015
Your right this is horrible, fucking no hearted sons of bitches
Comentario #610 - Hecho por omfg go to hell el 24/08/2015
this is horrible... poor things dont deserve this punishment , i understand - this is 'porn' but this is vulgar and rude as f x its visible that these girls dont really enjoy this , im female and i DONT find this "punishment" sexy :)
Comentario #609 - Hecho por lollipop el 24/08/2015
I find all of the videos really sexy! Are women supposed to be treated like that? I love it when my man hits me, fucks me, sinks my head in the toilet, makes me puke and then clean the mess I left behind. If you want your men to stay with you, bitch, you better do he's crazy fantasies from porn come to life! ;)
Comentario #608 - Hecho por omg el 24/08/2015
I can not really know what is happen there i can not trust my eyes
Comentario #607 - Hecho por ... el 24/08/2015
he should be arrested....
Comentario #606 - Hecho por I am a man el 24/08/2015
I think this is shitty.
Comentario #605 - Hecho por klopikh el 24/08/2015
nameof first gitl?
i hate that slapping shit, but girls nice
Comentario #604 - Hecho por Teacher el 24/08/2015
Thets why you should finisch school
Comentario #603 - Hecho por netflix el 24/08/2015
look on neflix for hot girls wanted, documentary about pornography. girls don't like this but have to say yes in order to get other projects
Comentario #602 - Hecho por huh.... el 24/08/2015
well this isn't exactly nice...
I hope those women are paid well, because that kind of punching will start actually hurting after the first few punches to the back of your head...
Comentario #601 - Hecho por CHOK el 24/08/2015
I like porn but this is too much. Some dudes here deserve serious beating !
Comentario #600 - Hecho por Valeriebowser el 20/08/2015
Do this to me babe
Comentario #599 - Hecho por Lord_hams el 03/08/2015
that's how a gentleman treats a lady
Comentario #598 - Hecho por YEah el 24/07/2015
What is the last girL?!?!?!
Comentario #597 - Hecho por mazen el 20/07/2015
very nice
Comentario #596 - Hecho por Reiarthur el 03/07/2015
The first sluut name, please
Comentario #595 - Hecho por Kidnapper69 el 27/06/2015
"suck dick, don't smoke"
Comentario #594 - Hecho por namebrain el 28/05/2015
the first actress is deja daire
Comentario #593 - Hecho por Masteralexx el 25/05/2015
that´s the way!
Comentario #592 - Hecho por Bttmsubslut el 23/05/2015
Slapping in the last scene was hot but a bit too rough for me
Comentario #591 - Hecho por Prettylilrapemeat el 16/05/2015
I've looked a long time for a video with punching
The drugged girl being raped makes it very good too!
Ladies take note and keep your Masters happy or else
Comentario #590 - Hecho por Iluvmysis el 30/04/2015
I liked it but thopught some of the guys went too far.
Comentario #589 - Hecho por More please el 29/04/2015
Lucky ladies!
Comentario #588 - Hecho por Aruna12 el 14/04/2015
i love so much like this tyep girls
Comentario #587 - Hecho por asdf el 07/04/2015
the name of the first girl?
Comentario #586 - Hecho por Scruffy el 03/04/2015
Holy hell that was good. Best part was 9:49-9:59 shit was so damn funny i lost my hard-on
Comentario #585 - Hecho por @the truth el 17/03/2015
dude, if "shit like this popping up on screen," the problem is with you, not with the web. you are either a hypocrite or a retard. all porn is violence against women. that's what's so fun about it.
Comentario #584 - Hecho por Bimale4k9 el 12/03/2015
Comentario #583 - Hecho por M-m-m-m-m el 11/03/2015
i love bein punished when i get fucked. My man used to beat me all the time for bein a whore an it turned me on so much an i no i deserved it. So sexy
Comentario #582 - Hecho por CamelD el 07/03/2015
the toilet was little bit too much
Comentario #581 - Hecho por Dominatoruniversalis el 07/03/2015
the guy that is beating the 2nd girl.....damn, wanna beat that idiot up. He has clearly some inferiority issues
Comentario #580 - Hecho por Rolandfox el 06/03/2015
its a capital punishment for being a whore and acting like a slut: thats why they deserved it. Punish them for their arrogancy.
Comentario #579 - Hecho por Aland12 el 04/03/2015
I like that ;)
Comentario #578 - Hecho por Hate austria now? el 04/03/2015
If You thin I'm Austrian now black might be your leader but smarter signed german
Comentario #577 - Hecho por Manuel_dom el 01/03/2015
great fun
Comentario #576 - Hecho por Yummy el 21/02/2015
I would love to be able to do this to these whores. But I'd end up in jail.
Comentario #575 - Hecho por Facefuckingpsycho el 20/02/2015
Not rough enough
Comentario #574 - Hecho por Dumbslut el 06/02/2015
I love this
Comentario #573 - Hecho por Gunwo03 el 03/02/2015
love this video
Comentario #572 - Hecho por Porno911 el 03/02/2015
Here is proof positive as to how bad the economy really is. The punches to the head are criminal assault!
Comentario #571 - Hecho por wanker el 01/02/2015
Whos the first bitch
Comentario #570 - Hecho por Summerbitch el 30/01/2015
mmmmm this made me so wet i need to get used
Comentario #569 - Hecho por Jesus Christ el 26/01/2015
Ask yourself what would forrest gump do?
Comentario #568 - Hecho por woman el 26/01/2015
Last legal thing next to rape. One step further and you are going to jail.
Comentario #567 - Hecho por M-m-m-m-m el 16/01/2015
my cunt is dripping
Comentario #566 - Hecho por Kittygirl03 el 16/01/2015
I hate whore stuff
Comentario #565 - Hecho por Kittygirl03 el 16/01/2015
Holy shit I hate it
Comentario #564 - Hecho por The truth el 03/01/2015
This shit is awful you shouldn't treat women with such disrespect what happened to the days when women were equal to men i can't go through my everyday life with shit like this popping up on screen I think that this discusting kind of thing should be taken of the web or at least be non avalibel unless people want to see it !!!!!
Comentario #563 - Hecho por Lilsexmachine el 22/12/2014
that latin porn cock is fucking awesome extreme
Comentario #562 - Hecho por Leapoverlemons el 22/12/2014
fucking gross
Comentario #561 - Hecho por Brogang88 el 20/12/2014
Comentario #560 - Hecho por Zeppelin el 06/12/2014
Comentario #559 - Hecho por Lola el 03/12/2014
I can just watch this vid and cum over and over every time (:
Comentario #558 - Hecho por Trololololol el 23/11/2014
Love how every one is going mental at the blokes but the girls in the video enjoy it when there had enough they say just like the second chick so stfu cunts ;)
Comentario #557 - Hecho por Blonde one @8:33 el 11/11/2014
Is Melissa Lauren
Comentario #556 - Hecho por Craveitall el 06/11/2014
The proper treatment of good sluts.
Comentario #555 - Hecho por FUK el 04/11/2014
Comentario #554 - Hecho por Cry-bitch el 02/11/2014
damn yes. good rough stuff !!!
Comentario #553 - Hecho por yum el 02/11/2014
8:24 dump your load inside her and give her one last slap for being a slut
Comentario #552 - Hecho por Only thing el 02/11/2014
Missing was more men taking turns on those bitches!
Comentario #551 - Hecho por BigJoe el 01/11/2014
That gentlemen is how to treat a lady.
Comentario #550 - Hecho por Fuck Me el 31/10/2014
Thats the best shit ive ever watched!
Comentario #549 - Hecho por Reecegotnomercy el 30/10/2014
LOL @ 2:05 Nobody gives a fuck, nobody gives a fuck *SLAP* hahahaha these bitches know their place.
Comentario #548 - Hecho por damn el 28/10/2014
the girl at 5:40 and the one at 8:33 are the best hands down.. i want a night with both of them
Comentario #547 - Hecho por Wow el 27/10/2014
I came twice watching these whores take it
Comentario #546 - Hecho por Sluts el 27/10/2014
Love to be sluts!
Comentario #545 - Hecho por True el 27/10/2014
Women have been treated this way for hundreds of thousand of years, they get fucked by men. Owned by cock. Period.
Comentario #544 - Hecho por Their Dads Should Be Proud el 26/10/2014
Women Are Owned By Men FACT!, These Sluts Did A Fucking Good Job Pleasing Their Men. Women Love Being Owned And Deep Down Love To Be Sluts. Great Vid This Is Real Life!
Comentario #543 - Hecho por lol el 23/10/2014
I bet their Dads are proud.
Comentario #542 - Hecho por Supreme Gentleman el 23/10/2014
These guys are too soft, they should punch harder, drag them across the floor, piss on them and give these cunts minimum pleasure as possible.
Comentario #541 - Hecho por alphabetsoup el 21/10/2014
If ur likin this get w the CIA then u can see some real shit. Foreign bitches getting lured with promises of modeling jobs, just to end up getting kidnapped, cuffed and mutilated. Or duct taped into fetal with a breathing tube that gets taken away, stuffed into a storage tub then disappeared. Get in real deep and then u can pick em off the street yrslvs. Cuz that's what u sick fukz want, right? (All allegedly ;-)
Comentario #540 - Hecho por Davoone el 14/10/2014
i love true men, hard and rude!
Comentario #539 - Hecho por Watsdo el 11/10/2014
these girls know their place
Comentario #538 - Hecho por Oliverz3469 el 09/10/2014
The justice:bosses men,slaves women.
Comentario #537 - Hecho por Piperhillfan el 07/10/2014
The last girl is very much like me (13:15)
Comentario #536 - Hecho por WHAT THE FUCK el 07/10/2014
Searched this shit to see if it was actually true.... Damn those girls have fucking problems being okay with being punched like that, and those guys need psychiatric help.... Because that shit is just insane,
Comentario #535 - Hecho por Howdoyouwantthisd el 29/09/2014
Great sex
Comentario #534 - Hecho por Abap el 28/09/2014
Comentario #533 - Hecho por Abap el 28/09/2014
the proper way to treat a whore
Comentario #532 - Hecho por Devildoc12183 el 22/09/2014
I love how the girls are all happy go lucky about it until the first real slap, then you see the look change to oh fuck, what am I doing..... But they still want the money, so they do it anyway. Fuckin money hungry whores
Comentario #531 - Hecho por Pussylick13 el 16/09/2014
This is how I fuck my girl butt she's a lil younger>;]
Comentario #530 - Hecho por Sunidhikutiya el 06/09/2014
Who's gonna do me
Comentario #529 - Hecho por Dicky el 31/08/2014
Comentario #528 - Hecho por Anonymous el 19/08/2014
Good shit we fucking love it
Comentario #527 - Hecho por Un ya el 14/08/2014
Who is the girl in the red shirt, what's her name
Comentario #526 - Hecho por mafia el 11/08/2014
fuck this people its
not a human
Comentario #525 - Hecho por Lulletje el 11/08/2014
Fuck it this is no porn but sadistic piece of crap. Feel sorry for all the guys that getting turned on by this.
Comentario #524 - Hecho por Alb84 el 08/08/2014
name of last scene 13:18? i love that
Comentario #523 - Hecho por curious el 03/08/2014
Has anybody heard of this 'green sheets' video and if so know the link. Thanks guys.
Comentario #522 - Hecho por Wlelelelelelel el 30/07/2014
This is really fucked up. Makes me sick to know people like hurting women and get off to it. This is fucking sick
Comentario #521 - Hecho por WHO IS THIS el 18/07/2014
Who is the girl in the last Meatholes scene with Trent Tesoro? No one seems to ever know who she is
Comentario #520 - Hecho por Doggie_helen el 18/07/2014
I love rough sex but some of this is just pointless evil violence with a bit of sex to excuse an assult
Comentario #519 - Hecho por Zekkie el 09/07/2014
Cry you sorry bitch!
Comentario #518 - Hecho por fonzie el 07/07/2014
Good shit from 11:39 to 12:39
Comentario #517 - Hecho por jolie el 06/07/2014
I love when my husband humiliates follows like a dog and despises me, beat me, spit on me, fucking me like a dirty whore
Comentario #516 - Hecho por hmm el 29/06/2014
its sad that this turned me on. after i was done i was like this is fucked shit.
Comentario #515 - Hecho por Qvo el 26/06/2014
Lol stupid dirty American trailer trash.donkey punched lol
Comentario #514 - Hecho por Spud el 23/06/2014
When I fuck the mother in law Hilary I slapped Hilary so hard in the face and mouth her false teeth came out then when Hilary was walking with her walking frame I was fucking Hilary up the ass the last thing I did to Hilary I put her head down the toilet then piss all over Hilary the mother in law
Comentario #513 - Hecho por ahhahasdhdj el 02/06/2014
the 3rd chick should get more hurt becuz shes hot
Comentario #512 - Hecho por YEAH el 12/05/2014
Men 1
Women 0
Comentario #511 - Hecho por Facefuckingpsycho el 07/05/2014
I wish this was 10x rougher
Comentario #510 - Hecho por Davoone el 14/04/2014
asi me gustan mmm
Comentario #509 - Hecho por Marcusmadsen el 19/03/2014
The last girl is so drugged and helpless that It almost constitutes rape. That said, I just keep coming back to this clip and the last girl espcially. OMG. I must see somebody professionally about that. At some point...
Comentario #508 - Hecho por Pascaldu el 27/02/2014
i want to own such a girl
Comentario #507 - Hecho por female! el 25/02/2014
as a female i get turned on by being slapped, spit on, choked and even having my nipples twisted .. but no punching thats where i draw the line
Comentario #506 - Hecho por Wtffffffffffff el 20/02/2014
They shoud be treated nicely not like little fucking toys no abuse on sex only love
Comentario #505 - Hecho por WTTTFFF el 05/02/2014
This is sick and #GAY definitely #GAY
Comentario #504 - Hecho por Su1c1d3 el 03/02/2014
Comentario #503 - Hecho por yeah el 27/01/2014
Fuck a bitch
Comentario #502 - Hecho por Slutslayer90 el 16/01/2014
Fuck yeh! That's how you put a bitch in her place.
Comentario #501 - Hecho por WTF el 13/01/2014
This is too much for me. I can't fap to this shit.
Comentario #500 - Hecho por Piperhillfan el 12/01/2014
All girls should be all-naked !
Comentario #499 - Hecho por Elitas el 03/01/2014
Comentario #498 - Hecho por This isn't hard el 18/12/2013
Enough! I want see blood and teeth getting knocked out. I want see her anal ass bleeding. Then after that piss all over her for ultimate humiliation
Comentario #497 - Hecho por .... el 18/11/2013
The only way to fuck a bitch is painfully if they aren 't crying you aren't going hard enough brutaly, volintly, painfully forcefully that's right make her cry rip her ass open
Comentario #496 - Hecho por softoff material el 05/11/2013
Comentario #495 - Hecho por Grrrrrrrr234123 el 29/10/2013
I have no faith in humanity
Comentario #494 - Hecho por MALEDOM el 03/09/2013
Comentario #493 - Hecho por Rashad-324 el 12/08/2013
wtf not a gd movie at all
Comentario #492 - Hecho por FEMINIST PRIDE el 11/08/2013
We should be treated with respect and equality! not like toys for your amusement. I say since we women brought you men into this world, we can take you out of it too :)
Comentario #491 - Hecho por Re: Remember el 09/08/2013
Does that make what's happening here any less wrong?
Comentario #490 - Hecho por Remember el 28/07/2013
These women and men were paid to do this shit
Comentario #489 - Hecho por Re: Concerned el 23/07/2013
If this actually turned you on then I'd suggest you get help right away. Preferably from a psychiatrist.
Comentario #488 - Hecho por Concerned el 22/07/2013
Is it weird that this turned me on so much I hope not somebody please tell me it isn't weird
Comentario #487 - Hecho por heyho el 17/07/2013
want to see the faces of the naive moralizers when seeing some real BDSM stuff ;)
Comentario #486 - Hecho por Allreal el 15/07/2013
awesome!!!! i never feel sorry for these type of "women" they are the same kind of woman who if they had a nice guy would mess over him for assholes like fuck em they get what they deserve
Comentario #485 - Hecho por Assfgdsbfcc el 05/06/2013
Who's the third chick name?
Comentario #484 - Hecho por Sirspanksalot el 04/06/2013
This is awesome! I wish I could find a chick who wouldn't mind this shit :(
To everyone who hates this,... why you here? And besides that, its always a 'controlled' slapping. There's no full on punching or out of control slaps. These guys are holding back. I'm sure the girls are making more than the standard pay doing this stuff and they're okay with it.
Comentario #483 - Hecho por Wildrose88 el 31/05/2013
I want a man to treat me like this. Want to be beaten up and violated.
Looking to talk to men who are brutal and sadistic :)
Comentario #482 - Hecho por Feetlover__2 el 14/05/2013
mmm the last bitch...
Comentario #481 - Hecho por Jack el 10/05/2013
i dont mind a little slap.. but the punches i cant stand
Comentario #480 - Hecho por Right el 30/04/2013
I thought this was going to be enjoyable, oh well. It seems like its only extremely ugly freaks who like this shit. Cut his balls off aha
Comentario #479 - Hecho por im a man el 28/04/2013
amd i like rough shit but u gta be pretty low and go fight a bloke not punch a submissive bitch but still shot my load
Comentario #478 - Hecho por this dicussion is stupid el 26/04/2013
the women in this video want to be treatend like this. if they like it, wheres the problem ?
let them do what they want
Comentario #477 - Hecho por McDonald el 20/04/2013
I'm love in it
Comentario #476 - Hecho por seXkitty el 18/04/2013
The 1st and 2nd chic's are loving it! As for the rest; lessons learned! This video is HOT, some like some don't, as for me, I'm dripping wet! They dramatize for our sakes* The flesh is a hungry beast~Thanx
Comentario #475 - Hecho por Honestrohit el 10/04/2013
wow its awaesome i wish i could treat somegirls like this. Girls always treat mens like dogs make them slave pee on them make them lick feets pussy and ass hole puch and slap on balls and torture on balls. But this shows that girls can b torture as they torture mens.
Comentario #474 - Hecho por Cornybr2 el 07/04/2013
only in porn
Comentario #473 - Hecho por This el 30/03/2013
is how all cunts, or women, should be treated.
Comentario #472 - Hecho por anon7 el 27/03/2013
i love seeing these white sluts get abused, literally. it turns me on to see them get used like objects. they do absolutely anything they're told it seems. they suck dick, gag on it, and take it in any hole willingly. luv it. wish more girls enjoy being beaten more during sex.
Comentario #471 - Hecho por Hatchman213 el 26/02/2013
This is why whores exist
Comentario #470 - Hecho por Collegeguyusa el 22/02/2013
fuck yea, no mercy for whores!
Comentario #469 - Hecho por what is el 11/02/2013
The link to the full vid of alex devine and the french fucker? fuckin hot shit
Comentario #468 - Hecho por Outlaw-b el 02/02/2013
myyy god i want live away so bad drd
Comentario #467 - Hecho por capt. obvious el 01/02/2013
These dudes are jews doing what ther talmud tells them. "Shiksas(female non-jews) are like a piece of meat to do as they please with." think i'm kidding? look up the Talmud for yourself.
Comentario #466 - Hecho por pretty fed up el 10/01/2013
um some of this is borderline abuse. i hate myself for watching it..aight time for a hiatus from porn
Comentario #465 - Hecho por Johnnygee48 el 24/12/2012
what else are sluts for
Comentario #464 - Hecho por Masterstephen el 23/12/2012
The bad thing about this vid is that it came to an end.
Comentario #463 - Hecho por The question of Morality el 22/12/2012
Are you suggesting that morality is non existent because we're on a porn site? That's retarded, human beings are moral based on life experience, it doesn't change, wether you're on a porn site or not
Comentario #462 - Hecho por YOU'RE ALL GUILTY el 20/12/2012
You clicked on a video titled "girls being slapped and punched, sluts getting destroyed", so what the fuck did you expect to see? Just shut the fuck up. Morality gets thrown out the window due to the fact that we're all on a porn site here
Comentario #461 - Hecho por pkomk el 28/11/2012
if she wants it its okay. if not its a crime. live and let live
Comentario #460 - Hecho por shut the fuck up everyone el 17/11/2012
ima guy and i would never hit a girl with my fists.. i slap girls during sex as hard as they want me to because some girls like being dominated.. but lets be honest this video was brutal but i highly doubt they showed up on set not knowing what was gonna happen and they got paid a good deal for it i bet.. so shut up yes women beating is bed but some girls loved getting roughed up during sex and you wont change anyones mind by arguing.
Comentario #459 - Hecho por Im A guy el 02/11/2012
and punching those girls in the back of the head is fucking wrong. Yeah maybe slapping them in the face if they like it is ok, like the last one, she liked it allot, idk about the really hard hits, but the one with the red fishnets that was getting punched in the back of the head.. thats fucking wrong
Comentario #458 - Hecho por Oompaloompa el 29/10/2012
I wanna see midget punch a woman.
Comentario #457 - Hecho por Re: To: I'M A WOMAN el 26/10/2012
"By just reading the comments, it seems that most people aren't women-abusers, so no need to "play the victim"."
So you're judging the people are not women abusers based on their comments? Can you read their mindset through the computer screen you stupid fuck? How exactly is she playing the victom? I swear I would fucking knock your stupid ass out in reality
Comentario #456 - Hecho por I'M ALSO A WOMAN el 24/09/2012
and I fucking love this shit.
Comentario #455 - Hecho por I agree with the guy below el 20/09/2012
The only people who like this shit are worthless inadequate men who like to abuse women, so they watch videos like these to feel powerful when in reality they're just weak ass pussys
Comentario #454 - Hecho por Re: get over it el 19/08/2012
Your attempt at proving us wrong and that this is voluntary work for these girls has failed. You're trying to convince the larger population that they are under a delusion by believing this wrong. You are pathetic
Comentario #453 - Hecho por TheIntelligentOne el 19/08/2012
Abuse of women and legality aside, why would anyone find this sexy? I wonder if any of you actually pleasured yourselves to this video or just watched it for entertainment value, either way this video is unecessary and should be removed
Comentario #452 - Hecho por guys! el 12/08/2012
the 4th video, with the red fishnets, found out what it's called!!! its haley scott donkey punch!
Comentario #451 - Hecho por To: I'M A WOMAN el 06/08/2012
By just reading the comments, it seems that most people aren't women-abusers, so no need to "play the victim". Regardless, in terms of getting this video removed, it appears that nothing can be done.
Comentario #450 - Hecho por -.- el 16/07/2012
slaps and spanks are sexy, but seriously they are being punched, this is fucking stupid
Comentario #449 - Hecho por get over it el 08/06/2012
nobody is forcing them, they can say they don't want this kind of work, they can work elsewhere. they arent victims and the men arent monsters its just people with a fetish get over it
Comentario #448 - Hecho por He got a point el 28/05/2012
Mr.WOW has a point.
Comentario #447 - Hecho por just bad el 22/05/2012
less slapping more fucking
Comentario #446 - Hecho por Dirk Diggler el 29/04/2012
"Slapping girls that ain't sexy" this shit is for guys who are fucked up. Slapping ass, cool. Slapping face, no!
Comentario #445 - Hecho por 10 inches el 01/04/2012
i treat my girl like that daily.
Comentario #444 - Hecho por Brandy Starz el 26/03/2012
Last girl is Brandy Starz.. Unfortunately this scene iss impossible to get a hold of.. :(
Comentario #443 - Hecho por loverboy el 18/03/2012
This is what I call making love!
Comentario #442 - Hecho por tyler el 08/03/2012
I com buckets lol swirley time bitch
Comentario #441 - Hecho por Sexii-slut el 08/03/2012
The last girl scene is brilliant mmmm
Comentario #440 - Hecho por regie el 07/03/2012
This my jam
Comentario #439 - Hecho por Solon el 06/03/2012
That last girl must be so proud of herself.
Comentario #438 - Hecho por Solon el 06/03/2012
way too many dislikes
Comentario #437 - Hecho por Disgusted el 26/02/2012
This should not be allowed, those men should be locked away and tortured... End of
Comentario #436 - Hecho por ana el 23/02/2012
5th woman is melissa auren
Comentario #435 - Hecho por Tempest el 23/02/2012
To all you creeps out there that would allow this, I hope you die a painful death.
Comentario #434 - Hecho por TooNice el 21/02/2012
Didn't hit them hard enough. Need to beat those bitches asses.
Comentario #433 - Hecho por Romantic Hero el 21/02/2012
Those guys are real fucking lucky I wasn't there in the same room as them, they would've been dead by my hand without hesitation.
Comentario #432 - Hecho por I would el 20/02/2012
Like my daughter to be treated just like that
Comentario #431 - Hecho por Well ... el 20/02/2012
At least they got their paycheck
Comentario #430 - Hecho por ben el 17/02/2012
this is how girls should be treated,just a piece of meat with three holes,you can do anything to them just to satisfy your cock ,it's their body that makes your cock hard and wants it to jerk off.
Comentario #429 - Hecho por the dude el 16/02/2012
The punching's a turn off, man!
Comentario #428 - Hecho por legend el 14/02/2012
Sick video but i like the 5th girl...the one with her head down toilet...anyone know her name so i can find some normal porn if her? Cheers
Comentario #427 - Hecho por Sick Vic el 13/02/2012
Whos the 3rd girl she looks like a good fuck!
Comentario #426 - Hecho por I'M A WOMAN el 12/02/2012
AND THIS IS WHY WE HATE MEN. I've been reading some of the comments on here and it seems panda, concerned, and a few other men on here are good people who don't like abusing women and treating them like garbage, so I respect them.
Comentario #425 - Hecho por The Truth el 12/02/2012
Weather this is fake or not, it still doesn't change the fact that torturing and humiliating a women is wrong. Fucking cowards.
Comentario #424 - Hecho por IF YOU LIKED THIS VIDEO el 12/02/2012
Comentario #423 - Hecho por King el 12/02/2012
i love to slap and choke bitches when i have sex but the whole donkey punching thing and the vomit shit, not cool.
Comentario #422 - Hecho por LICKTHEASS el 10/02/2012
Comentario #421 - Hecho por jyoung el 09/02/2012
sexualharassmetpada shit your dumbass there pornstars if they did not like it they would stop. They get payed and its all staged you dumbass nerdy white boy.
Comentario #420 - Hecho por To concerned: el 08/02/2012
So you think this is wrong? it.
You're a woman.
Comentario #419 - Hecho por John el 30/01/2012
This shit is Fuken hilarious lmao. I mean it doesn't turn me on but it's funny how this bitches get owned
Comentario #418 - Hecho por Mega-Deuce el 28/01/2012
You all are fools these girls walk in here and walk or limp out! No one dies!!!!!!
Comentario #417 - Hecho por dfazf el 27/01/2012
some of it was hot and funny kinda... but the rest was going too far....
Comentario #416 - Hecho por Mauler el 24/01/2012
Hot hot hot!
Comentario #415 - Hecho por Chris el 23/01/2012
Last scene girl name please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comentario #414 - Hecho por they get paid to do it el 18/01/2012
all you soft hearted justin bieber listening bitches need to stop whining about hoes getting punhced its how they put food on the table, if they didnt want it they would of left.
Comentario #413 - Hecho por superman el 18/01/2012
yo its bithches the dizirve this
Comentario #412 - Hecho por DanBR el 18/01/2012
For sure it crossed the line;
Comentario #411 - Hecho por LOL el 18/01/2012
"I am clean, okay!?"
Comentario #410 - Hecho por not true el 18/01/2012
im a guy and i like being scratched and bit so wats wrong with a open hand slap fuckers?
Comentario #409 - Hecho por Yeahhhhhh el 17/01/2012
That was whack
Comentario #408 - Hecho por Gordon Freeman el 15/01/2012
To Concerned: I agree with you completely, dumbfucks like Mr. Abuse thinks this shit is good.
Comentario #407 - Hecho por oh fuck el 14/01/2012
i get so hard from this... and all of you saying how wrong it is only makes it better!!!!
Comentario #406 - Hecho por Take it el 13/01/2012
Comentario #405 - Hecho por 1234 el 13/01/2012
It is obvious that they are scared and do not want to partake in torture... Str8 rape... Fucked up 4real...
Comentario #404 - Hecho por Wtf el 13/01/2012
They all look like crack whores....
Comentario #403 - Hecho por Playa el 13/01/2012
Hahaha funniest shit ever props to this funny fucker " ez gut shet!"
Comentario #402 - Hecho por LOLsaur el 13/01/2012
Comentario #401 - Hecho por gross el 12/01/2012
there is nothing hot about this at all.
Comentario #400 - Hecho por Kinkyashell :DD el 12/01/2012
Uggghhhh i would love a big,strong man to beat me black and blue,drill me up the ass :D UGGGHHHH I fingered myself to this.... :)
Comentario #399 - Hecho por max el 12/01/2012
Comentario #398 - Hecho por Sick el 12/01/2012
Beauty and violence do not go together. But I blame the girls and parents.
Comentario #397 - Hecho por OMG el 12/01/2012
What the fuck ? xD
Comentario #396 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 12/01/2012
You'll have two mission objectives. First you're to rescue DARPA Chief Donald Anderson, and the President of Armstech, Kennith Baker. Both are being held as hostages. Secondly, you're to investigate whether or not the terrorists have the ability to make a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do.
Comentario #395 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 12/01/2012
The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska's Fox Archepeligo was attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces being lead by members of FOX-HOUND. They're demanding that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss, and they say that if their demands aren't met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.
Comentario #394 - Hecho por Jod el 12/01/2012
Who is girl 3 the one before haley scott?
Comentario #393 - Hecho por EEp el 12/01/2012
Lick the ass! LOL!
Comentario #392 - Hecho por Cecilia Lisbon el 12/01/2012
This is fucking horrible, REMOVE THIS.
Comentario #391 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 12/01/2012
To Abuse: If you're going to continue your ignorant contrarian arguments then I have no choice but to ignore you since I don't have the time to deal with someone of low intellect. You also don't seem to understand the problem here. You repeat what I say everytime and yet you still can't get the main point of the issue I'm trying to discuss, the issue being this video is wrong. Now take what I wrote here and try to absorb it through that thick fucking skull of yours.
Comentario #390 - Hecho por preferences el 12/01/2012
Everyone has a different set of preferences.
Comentario #389 - Hecho por wayne el 12/01/2012
you should not treat a woman like this ;(
Comentario #388 - Hecho por Bubba Clem el 12/01/2012
this is the best video ever!!! Fuck these dumb cunts they deserve to be beaten!
Comentario #387 - Hecho por Please el 12/01/2012
Remove this video !:0
Comentario #386 - Hecho por Onanymous el 12/01/2012
Fucking epic! I came. Yet the beating-only parts are boring, the rest is awesome
Comentario #385 - Hecho por Christopher el 11/01/2012
Who the fuck hits a 90 pound girl with a clenched fist. dont want to think about what happends later in this video but if i ever see that skinny hobo motherfucker i'll fucking headbut him, throw him to the ground and stomp on his liver till' he pisses blood for months.
Comentario #384 - Hecho por GROSSS el 11/01/2012
Comentario #383 - Hecho por Punch her el 11/01/2012
Girls actually like it...just don't fo it too hard.
Comentario #382 - Hecho por What the fuck el 11/01/2012
This shit is fucking disgusting, Fucking animals, I'M WITH SEX PANDA. SPAM THIS VIDEO GUYS SO IT GETS REMOVED
Comentario #381 - Hecho por GIRL DIED IN 1993 el 11/01/2012
A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, Toma sota balcu as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight into your eyes. She will suffocate you
Comentario #380 - Hecho por GIRL DIED IN 1993 el 11/01/2012
, A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, Toma sota balcu as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight into your eyes. She will suffocate you
Comentario #379 - Hecho por GIRL DIED IN 1993 el 11/01/2012
A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, Toma sota balcu as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight into your eyes. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. This story is trueIf you post this 5 differnt times she will not bother
Comentario #378 - Hecho por Meedfwdw el 11/01/2012
No woman deserves that!
Comentario #377 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 11/01/2012
Comentario #376 - Hecho por sick el 11/01/2012
that is not porn ,xnxx must stop or i think the authority is coming to there site
Comentario #375 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 11/01/2012
To Abuse: You're in fact the one that doesn't have a life because you feel the need to bring up nonsensical arguments on a porn site. I work here dumbfuck, it's my job to monitor this video and contact the XNXX Staff on their progress on trying to get the uploader to remove this video.
Comentario #374 - Hecho por xxx el 11/01/2012
big gay
Comentario #373 - Hecho por fbwfwdf el 11/01/2012
seriously the 3rd girl is really HATING it! I feel really sad for her! the guy should try punch guy of his size! COWARD!!!!
Comentario #372 - Hecho por RedTag el 11/01/2012
Knocking those women on the head and tummy, slapping their faces and spitting on them was a turn off. Did anybody jack on this video? Even if it was just role-playing, this video is pretty serious. I pity those women. They should be fucked, not harmed.
I wish I can see the guy getting fucked in the ass by those women while hanging his neck on a rope. That would be a better sight.
Comentario #371 - Hecho por dfgrgg el 11/01/2012
thats not one bit ok in this world, i hope you sick fucks get whats coming to you
Comentario #370 - Hecho por wowa el 11/01/2012
thats not being slapped that is being falcon punched
Comentario #369 - Hecho por Blarg el 11/01/2012
I admit, that made me laugh at 9:54 when the guy was like "She said BLARGHBRFRGREGREGREOBQ"
Comentario #368 - Hecho por Rawr el 11/01/2012
Ok who ever the fuck uploaded this has some serious problems. Instead of jerking off to this inhumaine piece of shit video. How about you go to the fucking police station. Turn in the video for such inhumanity. Thats probably the good you could've done bro. Seriously Uploader, What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you to bored of regular porn so you have to take it to the extreme level. Naw man. Porn is a good Porn gets. This isn't Porn this is a fucking sin.
Comentario #367 - Hecho por dumb ass el 11/01/2012
the girls are getting payed and prbs enjoy doing it so ill fucking chill if they didt like it they stop
Comentario #366 - Hecho por yesss el 11/01/2012
teach dat bitch who da man,make her feel like shit!!! punch and slaps he r harder!!
Comentario #365 - Hecho por Abuse el 11/01/2012
SexualHarassmentPanda: Btw I'm still here because I reply to comments < LOL Sounds like someone doesn't have a life.
Comentario #364 - Hecho por wtf!!!! el 11/01/2012
Comentario #363 - Hecho por allan el 11/01/2012
Has anyone reported this video to police? Theres just one charge to begin with- spitting in someones face, in the UK thats a serious offence.
Comentario #362 - Hecho por we.still.humman el 11/01/2012
Comentario #361 - Hecho por cedric el 11/01/2012
Just look at the votes.They say everything. Your a bunch of morons who need Certifying. Never watching XNXX ever again!!
Comentario #360 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 11/01/2012
To Abuse: Btw I'm still here because I reply to comments.
Comentario #359 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 11/01/2012
To Abuse: Good video? You are a fucking waste of a human being if you think this video is good. Do yourself a favor, go grab a knife and slit your own throat you fucking parasite.
Comentario #358 - Hecho por Abuse el 10/01/2012
SexualHarassmentPanda: I've had several people who've seen this video after 3 years with the site tell me they're no longer coming back to XNXX. I don't blame them < Yet your still here, what a shame, good video.
Comentario #357 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 10/01/2012
To please: I agree, any man who even dares to hit a woman is a fucking coward who should gets his dick cut off and shoved down his throat.
Comentario #356 - Hecho por please el 10/01/2012
i hope xnxx will not support this kind of video. even some other say they are whore doesnt give you the right to hit them.
Comentario #355 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 10/01/2012
Fucking typos, not "on any circumstances", "UNDER".
Comentario #354 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 10/01/2012
Sorry guys, some bad news :( After 3 days of contacting and negotiating with the XNXX Staff, they will NOT on any circumstances remove this video. They gave me some horseshit lecture about "XNXX User Rights" so now the uploader will get away with keeping this video on the front page and nobody can do a thing about it. I've had several people who've seen this video after 3 years with the site tell me they're no longer coming back to XNXX. I don't blame them.
Comentario #353 - Hecho por Ion el 10/01/2012
Comentario #352 - Hecho por dear xnxx, el 10/01/2012
All I wanted to do was jack off. You ruined it. This is not front page shit. This site has been going downhill and I can get free porn elsewhere. Bye
Comentario #351 - Hecho por ??? el 10/01/2012
If a slut likes to get smacked shitless who am I to say no.
Comentario #350 - Hecho por WOW el 10/01/2012
WTF! what the hell are they doing with those girls facking bithces!!
Comentario #349 - Hecho por wtf el 10/01/2012
too bad ass holes
Comentario #348 - Hecho por thats wack el 10/01/2012
this should not be allowed..... only freaks watch this kind of shit, fucking losers
Comentario #347 - Hecho por WTF ? el 10/01/2012
Haha , you are so a bastard
Comentario #346 - Hecho por nice el 10/01/2012
but with black women much better
Comentario #345 - Hecho por Relax el 10/01/2012
It's called role-playing...
Comentario #344 - Hecho por POLICE el 10/01/2012
That is not OK!
Comentario #343 - Hecho por Slick Willy Clinton el 10/01/2012
The girl at 6:00 is hot, would love to know her name. There's too much extreme crap in this video to be enjoyable. Punching and hitting someone in the head with your feet? Come on.
Comentario #342 - Hecho por WTf el 10/01/2012
He should of left the blondy with the red top and black bra alone she was choking for fuck sake
Comentario #341 - Hecho por dr dre el 10/01/2012
bitches aint shit
Comentario #340 - Hecho por mauler el 10/01/2012
This is fucking awesome! Anybody know who the girl in the red top is and where can i find more videos like these?
Comentario #339 - Hecho por smoker el 10/01/2012
who is the blond girl with the red top
Comentario #338 - Hecho por LOL el 10/01/2012
How inadequate are these guys?
Comentario #337 - Hecho por wet el 10/01/2012
too bad all the guys in this are ugly
Comentario #336 - Hecho por WTF!?? el 10/01/2012
The Girls treated like an animals, even animals don't deserve that..!! Go To Hell!
Comentario #335 - Hecho por Too far el 10/01/2012
I thought this would be harmless, but it depressed me.
Comentario #334 - Hecho por jeff el 10/01/2012
this was hot. but i dident like how the tash sluts were smiling, they should be fucming cryinv, they are worthless and sbould be tortured and degraded... even murdered.
Comentario #333 - Hecho por omg el 10/01/2012
OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK?! this is some stupid fucked up shit. acting or not, that's no way to treat a lady. and also...puking RED after a BJ? oh man take this shit OFF
Comentario #332 - Hecho por dislike el 10/01/2012
these people are stupid, how these women can take part in this shit? police should arrest them
Comentario #331 - Hecho por lol el 10/01/2012
this is some fake shit, not even a mark on them ...
Comentario #330 - Hecho por Kudos. el 10/01/2012
I wish my guy would fuck me like this.
Comentario #329 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 10/01/2012
It seems the XNXX Staff is having a hard time contacting the uploader at this time. WTF Hogarth?
Comentario #328 - Hecho por MR,Nasty, not really el 10/01/2012
Umm.... did u even see fucking 12:50?? FUCKING GROSS
Comentario #327 - Hecho por falcon punch el 10/01/2012
donkey punch?
Comentario #326 - Hecho por MR,Nasty el 10/01/2012
Dude this was nasty 11:35
Comentario #325 - Hecho por Somechick Hey Health, el 10/01/2012
If you love her so much, stop jackin off to other women. There's a thought...
Comentario #324 - Hecho por Fuck el 10/01/2012
This is soooo wrong haha
Comentario #323 - Hecho por buster el 10/01/2012
Whats funny is these girls know what they're getting into and told they will be chocked, punched, and slapped, and then they whine about it
Comentario #322 - Hecho por wrong el 10/01/2012
fuck this shit is not right
Comentario #321 - Hecho por loveit el 10/01/2012
these women are useless whores and deserve to be treated like nasty sluts
Comentario #320 - Hecho por Swift el 10/01/2012
No mamen son chingaderas eso es una violaciòn pendejos
Comentario #319 - Hecho por odd el 10/01/2012
I like rough stuff but not like this. I can't believe there's a market for it.
Comentario #318 - Hecho por jayboy el 10/01/2012
the man with the beard is in jail for manslaughter hahaha lol
Comentario #317 - Hecho por please el 09/01/2012
ban report this shit
Comentario #316 - Hecho por Health el 09/01/2012
This Looks Not healthy oO
Gotta say, i Slap My Girl onnthe face cuz she Wants it, After we Found out its Fun. But such sloppy soft slaps u cant even Hear something. I Love her too much to Slap harder. Real Men..
Comentario #315 - Hecho por funny el 09/01/2012
i knocked my gf out when i was fucking her from behind i didnt mean to but i got carried away and carried on fucking her brutally while she was knocked out then i came all over her face while she was out cold
Comentario #314 - Hecho por barney stinson el 09/01/2012
watching porn is also a sin you ignorant
Comentario #313 - Hecho por dick el 09/01/2012
haha tis is so funny lol
guy punch like a pussy lol
Comentario #312 - Hecho por wtf el 09/01/2012
sick shit!
bann it!!
Comentario #311 - Hecho por DEGEU el 09/01/2012
C'est dégueulasse ya plus rien de sexuel c'est tous des sous merde ses gars c'est de la domination malsaine quelle merde !
Comentario #310 - Hecho por Chris el 09/01/2012
How much free-will
Comentario #309 - Hecho por danny el 09/01/2012
wtf is this sick shit
Comentario #308 - Hecho por Srdjan Ceranic el 09/01/2012
loveee itttttttttt lol at that man soo good dickk
Comentario #307 - Hecho por calm down el 09/01/2012
these are all consenting adults there is no real abuse and there will always be a medic close so no real danger
Comentario #306 - Hecho por not el 09/01/2012
this vid should get banned
Comentario #305 - Hecho por Lol el 09/01/2012
Wheres cee lo
Comentario #304 - Hecho por name el 09/01/2012
name of girl at 6,00?
Comentario #303 - Hecho por name el 09/01/2012
whats the girls name at 6.00?
Comentario #302 - Hecho por Hitman el 09/01/2012
why dont these girls bit the penis of the men ?!
Comentario #301 - Hecho por Kid Cudi el 09/01/2012
damn that's crazy
Comentario #300 - Hecho por sabrina el 09/01/2012
Kidney damage, Neck fractures... WTF??? Putting your health and well-being at permanent risk for these dweebs??? no WAY!
Comentario #299 - Hecho por Unbeleivable. el 09/01/2012
This is the sickest thing what i've ever seen.
Comentario #298 - Hecho por Haha el 09/01/2012
Sluts know what they're in for anyway, sick on the fellas part tho
Comentario #297 - Hecho por peter el 09/01/2012
well, thats made me feel sick
Comentario #296 - Hecho por stu el 09/01/2012
Comentario #295 - Hecho por alexiii el 09/01/2012
How can u jack off at this? These guys deserve jail or to be punished the same way they treat those women.. i fuckin hate these vids..Max Hardcore and all the dicks at meatholes should have their dicks burned....
Comentario #294 - Hecho por xnxx-administration el 09/01/2012
Comentario #293 - Hecho por realeast el 09/01/2012
fake shit
those people who cry about this fake shit never kissed a women and never will even whore wont kiss those cry babies
Comentario #292 - Hecho por No they do. el 09/01/2012
These women do deserve this. They were dumb enough to say yes. They had low enough self esteem to shoot porn in the first place. They aren't human. They are toys.
Comentario #291 - Hecho por To XNXX Adminstrator el 09/01/2012
This is no big deal. If people don't want to see it: don't watch it.
Comentario #290 - Hecho por TONY el 09/01/2012
Comentario #289 - Hecho por twat the dick head el 09/01/2012
nmae says it all
Comentario #288 - Hecho por Pit el 09/01/2012
so ne scheisse
Comentario #287 - Hecho por Joe12 el 09/01/2012
This is stupid,the male actors need beating by a man,bunch of pussies they are
Comentario #286 - Hecho por mmmh el 09/01/2012
only geys (i suppose they don't realise they are geys) can hurt women this way
Comentario #285 - Hecho por Shayne el 09/01/2012
ban la pilon, zot bat femme.
Comentario #284 - Hecho por Nas el 09/01/2012
hehhhhhhhh a liitle slaping is sexy but this vid sucked
Comentario #283 - Hecho por Ahahas el 09/01/2012
This is a turn on for me
Comentario #282 - Hecho por first el 09/01/2012
da first guy is an idiot.
Comentario #281 - Hecho por Dr Phil el 09/01/2012
This is so wrong,women give us life and to treat them this way is wrong.Sex b4 marriage is wrong so this is really a sin.
Comentario #280 - Hecho por iluvit el 09/01/2012
this is the hottest shit ever, hell if it was up to me these bitches would be hurt 10x more!
Comentario #279 - Hecho por lol el 09/01/2012
"WAIT WAT" you're an idiot lol
Comentario #278 - Hecho por to "WAIT WAT" el 09/01/2012
o dear sir you must be some kinda oracle. you have spoken the truth. white men seemingly love nigs and hate their women
Comentario #277 - Hecho por blah blah el 09/01/2012
u guys commenting on here act like little sissies..
u must be kiddin
Comentario #276 - Hecho por pussies el 09/01/2012
you are all a bunch of bitches trying act like captain save a hoe. these women arent exactly angels. cant believe none of you have never had rough sex...i choke mine!
Comentario #275 - Hecho por log el 09/01/2012
Comentario #274 - Hecho por Really el 09/01/2012
You people act like this isn't two actors doing something for money, it only looked like 1 guy really liked it.
Comentario #273 - Hecho por Howard el 09/01/2012
Take it down! Take it down! Take it down! Lol
Comentario #272 - Hecho por ded el 09/01/2012
i would happily slit that mans throat.
Comentario #271 - Hecho por LOL el 09/01/2012
That shit is fucking retarded
Comentario #270 - Hecho por XNXX Administrator el 09/01/2012
Goodbye, we will miss you :(
Comentario #269 - Hecho por Fuckxnxx el 09/01/2012
This shit is ridiculous. I'm never coming to this site again
Comentario #268 - Hecho por Horn fock el 09/01/2012
This is...fucking sick.
Comentario #267 - Hecho por OMG wow el 09/01/2012
This is fucking disgusting like omg wow first off that shit is not right i dont care where you are and it has to come down
Comentario #266 - Hecho por spca el 09/01/2012
no animals were hurt in the making of this video
Comentario #265 - Hecho por XNXX Administrator el 09/01/2012
Don't mention it :)
Comentario #264 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 09/01/2012
Thanks John :)
Comentario #263 - Hecho por XNXX Administrator el 09/01/2012
Hey Phill, I just got off the phone with Hogarth. He said the Staff is currently "Removing the Video" as we speak.
Comentario #262 - Hecho por some man el 09/01/2012
what is this shit this not a sex that a rong thing :D i hate this
Comentario #261 - Hecho por Lol el 09/01/2012
Its nice to know you are fine with exploiting women but you draw the line at slaping someone.
Comentario #260 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 09/01/2012
I already called him, he said the Staff will take care of it. I don't really care about the content as much, I just don't want this shit on the front page.
Comentario #259 - Hecho por XNXX Administrator el 09/01/2012
Well did you call back Hogarth yet? What's with the delay?
Comentario #258 - Hecho por XNXX Administrator el 09/01/2012
Hey Phill I got your message, is this the video that's causing an uproar?
Comentario #257 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 09/01/2012
XNXX Supervisor Larry Hogarth has a Staff working to review videos like these which violate the XNXX Terms of Service. The XNXX Staff will issue a TAKE DOWN NOTICE to the uploader and the video will be removed immediately. Thank you.
Comentario #256 - Hecho por THE FUCK MAN! el 09/01/2012
The 3rd chick wuz fuckin crying! WTF -.-' and y is that guy putting the other girls face in the toilet? If I wuz that girl I would bite his fuckin dick off!....yes I'm a girl thats bi.
Comentario #255 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 09/01/2012
XNXX Supervisor Larry Hogarth just phoned in about this video getting complaints. I didn't even know about it until Hogarth told me, the video itself is pretty disturbing.
Comentario #254 - Hecho por LMFAO el 09/01/2012
i lol'd so hard at this!
Comentario #253 - Hecho por Roland el 09/01/2012
Kk this is not fucking right
Comentario #252 - Hecho por blahman el 09/01/2012
Had a girl who likes that rough slap me around crap makes me wish I gave her more of what she wanted maybe she would still be here
Comentario #251 - Hecho por WhoreMoans el 09/01/2012
The 4th whore is Haley Scott
Comentario #250 - Hecho por hahaha el 09/01/2012
this is dead set the funniest shit ive seen all day especially epic ring guy
Comentario #249 - Hecho por damnit el 09/01/2012
what the fuck. this is fucked up. there's consensual and then there's taking advantage of a paying situation. absolutely ridiculous.
Comentario #248 - Hecho por fuckssake el 09/01/2012
if youre gonna hither, hit her like you mean it
Comentario #247 - Hecho por wtf! el 09/01/2012
What the fuck is this? Treat your women better! And use toilet paper!
Comentario #246 - Hecho por omg el 09/01/2012
this is INHUMAN
Comentario #245 - Hecho por xyz el 09/01/2012
i'm a guy, I HATE THIS VIDEO.
Comentario #244 - Hecho por the fourth el 09/01/2012
who is the 4th girl???????
Comentario #243 - Hecho por Greg el 09/01/2012
This is how all porn should be.
Comentario #242 - Hecho por wow el 09/01/2012
If you're that bothered by such pornography, why even click on the video? It would be consensual because some women, believe it or not, actually find being knocked around during sex arousing. Relax, it's not happening to you, so why complain about other's stranger sexual fantasies?
Comentario #241 - Hecho por HAHAHA el 09/01/2012
ROFL 7:25 MASSIVE DONKEY PUNCH SESSION LOLOLOLOLOL OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD (btw i also jerked off to this cuz i'm copletely fucked)
Comentario #240 - Hecho por ITS OK el 09/01/2012
whores dont have souls
Comentario #239 - Hecho por hmm el 09/01/2012
either this is human trafing or they like this shit
Comentario #238 - Hecho por DAMN el 09/01/2012
if i were those girls, those dicks would have been either bitten off or severely injured. especially to the girl who kept getting punched in the head and stomach, or the girl who got her head shoved in the toilet. those high heels would have pierced their nutsack.
Comentario #237 - Hecho por Assholes el 09/01/2012
They need serious therapy.
Comentario #236 - Hecho por I wish el 09/01/2012
I could fight every motherfucker that hit a woman in that video
Comentario #235 - Hecho por Dumbshits el 09/01/2012
Alright whiny fucks, no one gives a shit about ur cOmplaints, it's obviouse these girls like this shit or they would of never agreed, now stop bitchin
Comentario #234 - Hecho por lol idd el 09/01/2012
serious therapy for u wackjobs
Comentario #233 - Hecho por What the fuck.... el 09/01/2012
That was fucking pathetic
Comentario #232 - Hecho por davix el 09/01/2012
a best film
Comentario #231 - Hecho por MEME el 09/01/2012
Comentario #230 - Hecho por shit just crossed the line! el 09/01/2012
That prick with the ring was punching that girl even after she told him to stop!!! Time to take out the trash!
Comentario #229 - Hecho por bullshit el 09/01/2012
this video should have never been taped
Comentario #228 - Hecho por .............. el 09/01/2012
2:45 LMAO!!!
Comentario #227 - Hecho por WhiteChocolutVEVO el 09/01/2012
This turns me on,i use bitches tears for lube
Comentario #226 - Hecho por THAT SHIT el 09/01/2012
Comentario #225 - Hecho por lol el 09/01/2012
at all the ignorant people who think the chicks don't get pleasure from that. Learn more about human perversion
Comentario #224 - Hecho por Joey el 09/01/2012
Man, whoever gets off on this shyte needs some serious therapy
and whoever engages in this should be prosecuted..
Comentario #223 - Hecho por zeruah el 09/01/2012
Comentario #222 - Hecho por This is normal el 09/01/2012
My gf always wants me to slap her face and spit on her
Comentario #221 - Hecho por Omg el 09/01/2012
13mins in wtf
Comentario #220 - Hecho por Selena el 09/01/2012
This is rong if I see these dudes i'l shoot them right in the fukin ars peace of shytts
Comentario #219 - Hecho por wrong el 09/01/2012
this is gay .....
Comentario #218 - Hecho por Gross el 09/01/2012
Did anyone see 13 mins in or did you just turn it off?
Comentario #217 - Hecho por guys! el 09/01/2012
this feels wrong,BUT!
These girls are pornstars,THEY WANT IT!
Comentario #216 - Hecho por wrong el 09/01/2012
it's just wrong
Comentario #215 - Hecho por holy shit :( el 09/01/2012
This is fucking wrong. Apparantly half of pornos are actually people who ave been kidnapped and raped. So sad
Comentario #214 - Hecho por wtf el 09/01/2012
how is anygirl into that?
Comentario #213 - Hecho por lollums el 09/01/2012
"I won't hit you anymore baby" *PUNCH* "I won't you anymore." *PUNCH* LOLOL
Comentario #212 - Hecho por who is that guy el 09/01/2012
doing the closed fists? It's all the same dude.
Comentario #211 - Hecho por too funny el 09/01/2012
these dumb whores deserve it
Comentario #210 - Hecho por castiel el 09/01/2012
this is sooo wrong...i liked watching porn but this is just wrong and i feel sorry for the girls
Comentario #209 - Hecho por wtf el 09/01/2012
Comentario #208 - Hecho por Ahh :0 el 09/01/2012
13 min
Comentario #207 - Hecho por Obviously fake. el 09/01/2012
They always punch and slap like fucking pussies.
Comentario #206 - Hecho por wtf el 09/01/2012
fuck you man! that's not slapping, that's punching-.-
Comentario #205 - Hecho por police el 09/01/2012
are the people that click 'like' fucking crazy in their minds ?!
Comentario #204 - Hecho por Ur mum el 09/01/2012
'thats acting'????
Wft are you talking about??
The 3rd girl was crying
Comentario #203 - Hecho por Fake el 09/01/2012
Thats acting
Comentario #202 - Hecho por dude guy el 09/01/2012
this actually isn't that great....slapping is one thing but punching in the back of the head??? Isn't that even illegal in the UFC?? I think these guys are just sad...
Comentario #201 - Hecho por raghvendra el 09/01/2012
Comentario #200 - Hecho por disgusting el 09/01/2012
i hope these men go to prison and get raped by a bbc...
Comentario #199 - Hecho por lolz el 09/01/2012
this tittle should be renamed to how to give a ho a concision
Comentario #198 - Hecho por Sick fucker el 09/01/2012
This was sickening. I loved it.
Comentario #197 - Hecho por J Mathews el 09/01/2012
DAT was not cool
Comentario #196 - Hecho por Love it el 08/01/2012
This shit turned me on
Comentario #195 - Hecho por Boy el 08/01/2012
This is disgraceful should be removed
Comentario #194 - Hecho por Wowwtf? el 08/01/2012
That girl throwing up.. Fuck this i doubt the girls enjoy this. The men obviously have some problems, maybe their mothers didnt give them enough attention..
Comentario #193 - Hecho por Morons. el 08/01/2012
What part of the title confused your tiny brains? If you don't like, then don't click the link.
Comentario #192 - Hecho por killa el 08/01/2012
They are little man, with little cocks. They must hurt women, because thry cant hurt men... Theyre so stupid!
Comentario #191 - Hecho por Bad el 08/01/2012
So wrong
Comentario #190 - Hecho por OK? el 08/01/2012
Whats wrong with both the guys and the girls? Who would be turned on by ethir hurting or being hurt
Comentario #189 - Hecho por Gordon el 08/01/2012
Girls deserve this.
Comentario #188 - Hecho por Woah el 08/01/2012
I usually get hard off anything but this is straight wrong and the girl that got punched in the head was crying and pissed off.
Comentario #187 - Hecho por wtf el 08/01/2012
wat een vuile mongool...
Comentario #186 - Hecho por wtf??? el 08/01/2012
wat the fuck. ppl get off to this???
Comentario #185 - Hecho por Enrico el 08/01/2012
What did you guy expect ha ? thats sluts he can do with them what he want its not his woman its whores they are not human they are scam
Comentario #184 - Hecho por Yoyoyo el 08/01/2012
hahahaha this shit is funny
Comentario #183 - Hecho por dude el 08/01/2012
at least when i hit my girl i have the courtesy to knock her out so she doesnt feel it
Comentario #182 - Hecho por Woah el 08/01/2012
I know girls like spanking but dude there's a line
Comentario #181 - Hecho por moi el 08/01/2012
Comentario #180 - Hecho por JOKER el 08/01/2012
lol,seems he tried to crack the coconut ahahahahahahahaha
Comentario #179 - Hecho por lolwtf el 08/01/2012
Slapping is one thing and usually acted in porns, not real. Actually punnching the girl in the back of the head is pretty fucked up, only morons with no self esteem themselves could feel good about themselves doing this.
Comentario #178 - Hecho por fuck morale el 08/01/2012
i wish i cud thumos uo some comments haha
this is a good vid
Comentario #177 - Hecho por actual girl el 08/01/2012
i like gettin slapped or spanked, but i draw the line at getting punched in the back of my head! damn
Comentario #176 - Hecho por Unknown el 08/01/2012
Wth! This is not even porn it called abuse? It's too harsh on the girls dude!
Comentario #175 - Hecho por Tom Brady el 08/01/2012
The first guy just looks like a fucking caveman. This is just sick
Comentario #174 - Hecho por Jamesd el 08/01/2012
If I met that guy I'd knock him the fuck out!!
Comentario #173 - Hecho por Swaggu el 08/01/2012
Dude this is sick...
Comentario #172 - Hecho por o.O el 08/01/2012
This is stupids milfs... fuck it!
Comentario #171 - Hecho por hothot el 08/01/2012
whos the porn star at the beginging
Comentario #170 - Hecho por This is retarded el 08/01/2012
should be banned
Comentario #169 - Hecho por Denzel Washington el 08/01/2012
This Is Bad,This is not even 100% agree with Bob Marley,Jim Carrey and the other guy...Fuck You All Who Watching This and Jerking Off...if im here that doesn't mean that im jerking off watching this !
Comentario #168 - Hecho por Rofl el 08/01/2012
You guys are idiots, these sluts know what they signed up for. Anyway they fucking love it because they are kinky little whores.
Comentario #167 - Hecho por Dr. Claw el 08/01/2012
fuck all you idiots who are talking shit about morale and respect...your watching it arent you?
Comentario #166 - Hecho por xxx el 08/01/2012
Comentario #165 - Hecho por moefow el 08/01/2012
i bet those girls got payed really good (like a few grams of crack)
Comentario #164 - Hecho por Jack Daniels el 08/01/2012
Thank you Bob Marley and Jim Carrey. You are 100% right. This is sick and wrong! Guys who jack off to this kinda shit are despicable humans! Ugh.. the state of this world makes me sick
Comentario #163 - Hecho por lol el 08/01/2012
weird people
Comentario #162 - Hecho por 26 eroma el 08/01/2012
i love agood arse licking and am a man but not gay.
Comentario #161 - Hecho por Jim Carrey el 08/01/2012
Comentario #160 - Hecho por das boot el 08/01/2012
dont worry im sure they got good money for it.
Comentario #159 - Hecho por Bob Marley el 08/01/2012
WTF is this shit, slapping yeh that's ok, but they were fucking hitting them, have respect for girls, you assholes!!!!!!
Comentario #158 - Hecho por BillyBoy el 08/01/2012
What the fuck this is fucked up shit, these birds have no respect for themselves, they must get paid a wedge to put up with this shit
Comentario #157 - Hecho por Donky Punch el 08/01/2012
boys will be boys
Comentario #156 - Hecho por -------------- el 08/01/2012
Comentario #155 - Hecho por Angry....Fucked up. el 08/01/2012
Slapping is *completely* different than FIST HITTING - I had a girlfriend who was into slapping, and I mean hard, face etc- but never in a way that would cause physical harm, hurt etc - she saw this and said "HOLY SHIT!"
I wonder if the girls knew what they were getting into- could you imagine if someone in their family or friends saw this? What the hell are these people thinking?!
Comentario #154 - Hecho por Sick el 08/01/2012
This is disgusting.
Comentario #153 - Hecho por wtf? el 08/01/2012
what the FUCK?!
Comentario #152 - Hecho por stupid el 08/01/2012
The first guy is extremely gay, who the fuck has their asshole licked.
Comentario #151 - Hecho por Nuh uh el 08/01/2012
The Hitting made me cringe the slapping is alright but the hitting, no.
Comentario #150 - Hecho por this el 08/01/2012
is fucked up
Comentario #149 - Hecho por Y'all Homos el 08/01/2012
this is exactly what these whores deserve slap these bitches n cum in their eyes kudos to these men
Comentario #148 - Hecho por you need to shot el 08/01/2012
the first guy!
Comentario #147 - Hecho por 3rd girl el 08/01/2012
3rd girl is extreme alex
Comentario #146 - Hecho por Beater el 08/01/2012
I felt confused about this shit yet i jacked to it and woah the third girl gets it hard
Comentario #145 - Hecho por James el 08/01/2012
It's all pretty fucked up but the vomit made me limp and plain disgusted.
Comentario #144 - Hecho por lol wow el 08/01/2012
This is stupid..
who gets off to this
Comentario #143 - Hecho por 25 eroma el 08/01/2012
whats the third girls name again,shes a good girl.
Comentario #142 - Hecho por ... el 08/01/2012
You pay her so u can slap she :) easy
Comentario #141 - Hecho por Ohmy el 08/01/2012
It's a bunch of girls being punched in the men. These so-called men need to be shot. That poor girl had her head dipped in the toilet, that's low.
Comentario #140 - Hecho por Daba Duba el 08/01/2012
These men need to get shot, but these women are seriously fucking retarded.
Comentario #139 - Hecho por ODB el 08/01/2012
great acting
Comentario #138 - Hecho por 123fuckme el 08/01/2012
Why do women this?
Comentario #137 - Hecho por Uhh el 08/01/2012
the last whore was fantastic. i'd like to treat her well too.
Comentario #136 - Hecho por lol el 08/01/2012
Anyone who think men are bad for doing this, remember these Whores agreed to it. If anything Women are whores enough to where they will do anything for money.
Comentario #135 - Hecho por ah el 08/01/2012
Comentario #134 - Hecho por not for me el 08/01/2012
i hate this video so fucking much. i get that it's fantasy but guys who actually like doing this to women in real life need to be drug out into the streets and shot.
Comentario #133 - Hecho por EWWW el 08/01/2012
Ass licking looks nast
Comentario #132 - Hecho por 23eroma el 08/01/2012
what is the third girls name
Comentario #131 - Hecho por luvtap el 08/01/2012
whores luv getting hit, it reminds them of their dad!!! YES!!!
Comentario #130 - Hecho por slapaho el 08/01/2012
I luv whores!!! Yes salp them!!!
Comentario #129 - Hecho por Wtf el 08/01/2012
If I met these guys I would fucking belt the fuck out if them ok slap ,but fuck me punch ?
Comentario #128 - Hecho por the blonde el 08/01/2012

wat is the third girls ' name plzzzzzz?????
Comentario #127 - Hecho por plz tell me el 08/01/2012
wat is the third girls ' name plzzzzzz?????
Comentario #126 - Hecho por u dickheads el 08/01/2012
wow that first girl, that aint even funny thats just sad. Have a bit of respect for your women for fuck sake.
Comentario #125 - Hecho por this the truth el 08/01/2012
if the girls werent whores they wouldnt get this and also these girls already knew what they were gonna do
Comentario #124 - Hecho por nicky el 08/01/2012
everybody is acting like this stuff is horrible and like they've never seen porn like this, bondage, max hardcore, anal fisting, and puke porn are far more brutal than this and we jerk it to those all the time, if anything this video is a boring waste of time
Comentario #123 - Hecho por Coward asses el 08/01/2012
whats the damn purpose in doing women like this. You cowards want to hit on somebody step into the ring with a MAN.
Comentario #122 - Hecho por tiffany el 08/01/2012
When i am in a bad mood i need my man to put me in my place. I am suppose to be a slut to please cock. I am tiffany klien on fb.
Comentario #121 - Hecho por POLICE el 08/01/2012
this is the police - someone did send us this vid and we just want to tell you that liked it too. ps thank you
Comentario #120 - Hecho por ffd el 08/01/2012
fatality 3:38
Comentario #119 - Hecho por shiiitW el 08/01/2012
Comentario #118 - Hecho por LOL el 08/01/2012
OMG ultimate LOL at 2:03
Comentario #117 - Hecho por STOP el 08/01/2012
that shit must be stopped!!
Comentario #116 - Hecho por anthony08 el 08/01/2012
slap her hard across her tits but not across her face
Comentario #115 - Hecho por Shit el 08/01/2012
WTF. The Police knows the Video already
Comentario #114 - Hecho por black guy el 08/01/2012
this is the dumbest shit i ever jacked to.
Comentario #113 - Hecho por Sadnesss el 08/01/2012
That so lame ! This has to be stopped and those girls dont like it
Comentario #112 - Hecho por hey Dave el 08/01/2012
there's plenty of girls that are into this 'shit' too.
Comentario #111 - Hecho por POLICE el 08/01/2012
OMg that is not ok.
I will send this to the police
Comentario #110 - Hecho por Fucking dumbcuntS el 08/01/2012
How can u even get turned on from this fucken shit
Comentario #109 - Hecho por wtf el 08/01/2012
how can anyone get turned on by this its just fucking sick
Comentario #108 - Hecho por Denvor w el 08/01/2012
Whos the blonde girl second last
Comentario #107 - Hecho por also el 08/01/2012
this video explain the shit that runs through your veins. The shit that runs through your veins making you do stupid shit like watching black porn(which supposedly you don't like)and leaving a racial comment. Also, the stupid shit like ride your bike in the middle of the fucking street when there is a fucking bike path that runs parallel to it...fucking retards.
Comentario #106 - Hecho por qwerty el 08/01/2012
acting or not, this sick shit is disturbing!
Comentario #105 - Hecho por Fake el 08/01/2012
It`s just acting and btw. they get a lot of money 4 these little punches.
Comentario #104 - Hecho por love el 08/01/2012
that last girl was the best!
Comentario #103 - Hecho por lol.. el 08/01/2012
it's just acting, don't get butthurt about them getting slapped
Comentario #102 - Hecho por island hoe el 08/01/2012
i lke this because i wanna be the girl hahaha only for someone i love tho and not on camera LOL
Comentario #101 - Hecho por stephenRT el 08/01/2012
Sick ...
Comentario #100 - Hecho por Stat rapist el 08/01/2012
I agree 100% luke
Comentario #99 - Hecho por yum el 08/01/2012
i hit my 1st grader like that when she is sucking me off
Comentario #98 - Hecho por No... el 08/01/2012
Just no..
Comentario #97 - Hecho por Wtf el 08/01/2012
What did I just click...
Comentario #96 - Hecho por ... el 08/01/2012
Thats sick ... that kind of vids is horrible .. the youth schouldnt be able to see that
Comentario #95 - Hecho por Dave el 08/01/2012
This is fucked up the guys in it and who ever wanks over this shit deserves to die!!!!
Comentario #94 - Hecho por sick? so i am el 08/01/2012
this is awesome i just jerked off 4 times to that stuff. this girls want it and the hitting isnt even realy hard..
Comentario #93 - Hecho por Unanamious el 08/01/2012
........................ grandpa would've loved this video.
Comentario #92 - Hecho por Smartallic el 08/01/2012
This bitches r dumb as fuck! True story
Comentario #91 - Hecho por Luke el 08/01/2012
Who agrees this would be so much better if this slut was black??????
Comentario #90 - Hecho por YEP el 08/01/2012
well i guess white guys don't care who they degrade really.
Comentario #89 - Hecho por Fucking cowards el 08/01/2012
This guys are fuking bastards! They deserve death.
Comentario #88 - Hecho por well el 08/01/2012
that was different.
Comentario #87 - Hecho por fuck el 08/01/2012
This is fucking horrible.. who would like this..
Comentario #86 - Hecho por ??? el 08/01/2012
Comentario #85 - Hecho por twat el 08/01/2012
Comentario #84 - Hecho por wow el 08/01/2012
these woman dont deserve this
Comentario #83 - Hecho por dirty el 08/01/2012
those girls are letting them hit them, coz they ho's and get paid for it.
392 women voted bad on this video.
Comentario #82 - Hecho por Fuck this shit el 08/01/2012
Ok I just fucked some hot girl and I am still Horney but when I saw this shit say good bye to by huge boner
Comentario #81 - Hecho por Jayy el 08/01/2012
No no this is wrong take it down
Comentario #80 - Hecho por curt el 08/01/2012
wish i could meet those guys... so i could crush their fucking face with my foot.
Comentario #79 - Hecho por Russian el 08/01/2012
This make my dick small.
Comentario #78 - Hecho por love it,,,, el 08/01/2012
i wish i could vote YES 100X..but the vomit is where i draw the line lol
Comentario #77 - Hecho por yup el 08/01/2012
i agree with the dude below that guy. below the other guy. and that one guy.
Comentario #76 - Hecho por Fkdeshoes el 08/01/2012
Comentario #75 - Hecho por Fuck no el 08/01/2012
This is abuse not pleasure and how that guy was hitting her she could have gone bye bye so take this the fuck down now
Comentario #74 - Hecho por no. el 08/01/2012
get this the fuck down now!
Comentario #73 - Hecho por NoooB BOYS el 08/01/2012
this big nooob boys...!!
have nothing inthe pants beat women
Comentario #72 - Hecho por No. el 08/01/2012
Take this the fuck down.
Comentario #71 - Hecho por Yeah el 08/01/2012
I agree with the dude below who agrees with the dude below him.
Comentario #70 - Hecho por Random el 08/01/2012
This is a wierd ass fettish.
Comentario #69 - Hecho por Not impressed el 08/01/2012
Agree with below this needs to be taken off.
Comentario #68 - Hecho por Not impressed el 08/01/2012
Since when did slapping turn into punching, i urge this should be removed!!!!!!
Comentario #67 - Hecho por Bob el 08/01/2012
Keep dem bitches is check
Comentario #66 - Hecho por wise man el 08/01/2012
bitches get slapped and pretend to like it, they get asked if they like it and they say yes.. if you ask me, they don't deserve any different treatment
Comentario #65 - Hecho por Fuck her el 08/01/2012
This would only be better if this slut was black! Who agrees?
Comentario #64 - Hecho por FreeBird el 08/01/2012
Slapping is good as long as it don't leave a mark. Punching is not good tho. These pornstars must have drug habits to support.
Comentario #63 - Hecho por ya know el 08/01/2012
you gotta keep them bitches in there place
Comentario #62 - Hecho por what el 08/01/2012
the fuck is wrong with people
Comentario #61 - Hecho por oh man el 08/01/2012
white bitches being slapped and abused...just let me find my bottle Eucerin.
Comentario #60 - Hecho por Master IceD el 08/01/2012
women are stupid weak sluts arnt they
Comentario #59 - Hecho por omda77z el 08/01/2012
Comentario #58 - Hecho por luke el 08/01/2012
who was that girl that was shouting
Comentario #57 - Hecho por SexualHarassmentPanda el 08/01/2012
To Elvis made me do it: You sir just made me laugh my ass off!
Comentario #56 - Hecho por lmao el 08/01/2012
some of the dumbest clips ive ever seen,fkn slutbags xD whores will do ANYTHING for money xD
Comentario #55 - Hecho por yean el 08/01/2012
Comentario #54 - Hecho por dudusjsjdkd el 08/01/2012
i bet there parents are proud ...
Comentario #53 - Hecho por punched:( el 06/01/2012
every day bitch slaping me and punched. whan i watch this movie i say to my self.. justice is in the world!
Comentario #52 - Hecho por no punching el 01/01/2012
the punching is too much.
Comentario #51 - Hecho por sdd el 31/12/2011
I'd like to beat the shit out of all those guys.
Comentario #50 - Hecho por First scene el 27/12/2011
i love when they make the girls eat their assholes out, the hairier the better....but the head punching ruins it
Comentario #49 - Hecho por GOP el 27/12/2011
No one should treat a girl like thsi
Comentario #48 - Hecho por SM is not this shit el 25/12/2011
This is the shame of humanity, SM is good, intense but this is industry, slavery, get rid of this shit.
Comentario #47 - Hecho por Elvis made me do it el 19/12/2011
Punch the slaves in the throat
Comentario #46 - Hecho por last scene el 15/12/2011
Can anybody post a full copy of the last scene? (meatholes)
Comentario #45 - Hecho por Concerned el 09/12/2011
You can't hit anybody's head that hard without doing long lasting damage.
Ask a boxer what happens.
BDSM is alright , but not this!
Comentario #44 - Hecho por Yeah el 07/12/2011
Fuck those bitches up good
Comentario #43 - Hecho por Last girl el 03/12/2011
Who is last girl?
Comentario #42 - Hecho por 4th girl el 28/11/2011
in red and black is haley scott
Comentario #41 - Hecho por some names, not all el 28/11/2011
deja dare, alex divine, melissa lauren x2
Comentario #40 - Hecho por 4th GIRL el 24/11/2011
Comentario #39 - Hecho por name el 21/11/2011
what the name of the girl in the first scene
Comentario #38 - Hecho por barry el 20/11/2011
who's the girl in the 4th scene
Comentario #37 - Hecho por fff el 16/11/2011
alex divine
Comentario #36 - Hecho por curious el 15/11/2011
Comentario #35 - Hecho por dicksoopinurmouthbitch el 14/11/2011
This is lame where's the blood and blackeyes at huh u call this abused this is a mother goose tale if ur gonna punch a bitch make it count send the bitch in la la land knock her ass fuckin out geesh
Comentario #34 - Hecho por ... el 13/11/2011
LOL o dear....too far with the fists wtf is he doing..
Comentario #33 - Hecho por needmore el 07/11/2011
anybody found something like this?
Comentario #32 - Hecho por silly prick el 02/11/2011
i looked at this to see the way these sick me treat ladys she should bite your bollocks off
Comentario #31 - Hecho por MasterB el 29/10/2011
the title tells you what this is about you watch it then you say this is fucked up. you knew going in what it was so if you don't like this sort of thing don't watch it.
Comentario #30 - Hecho por .... el 26/10/2011
This is just plain Sick.. and these women let diminish themselves and belittle their worth for a couple 100 dollars? smh
Comentario #29 - Hecho por Robi el 19/10/2011
Este es el porno que gusta en interconomia.
Comentario #28 - Hecho por horny el 19/10/2011
The guy with the tattoo in the 3rd scene is awesome. Nice crisp slaps! At the start he slaps her tits and face perfectly! I wanna be just like him when I grow up
Comentario #27 - Hecho por who el 19/10/2011
3rd girl?
Comentario #26 - Hecho por Horny el 18/10/2011
The last scene is the best! Would love to see melissa lauren with those two guys
Comentario #25 - Hecho por biglike el 16/10/2011
more of that! BIG LIKE!
Comentario #24 - Hecho por niceone el 15/10/2011
thats how it should be!!!!!
Comentario #23 - Hecho por Roughdude el 13/10/2011
Fuck yeah hot
Comentario #22 - Hecho por Slaghunter el 10/10/2011
All women are worthless dirty slags its up to us men to put the filthy whores in their place.
Comentario #21 - Hecho por name el 08/10/2011
name of the girl at 6:00
Comentario #20 - Hecho por name el 07/10/2011
Suck dick don't smoke!
Comentario #19 - Hecho por fack el 07/10/2011
This is shit!
Comentario #18 - Hecho por name el 07/10/2011
who is the 3rd girl?
Comentario #17 - Hecho por tee el 06/10/2011
Comentario #16 - Hecho por woot woot el 06/10/2011
1 of the best movies on here ;) some guys just know how to treat whores, thumbs up!!!!
Comentario #15 - Hecho por Big Steve el 06/10/2011
ha they probably wouldn't be doing porn if her father slapped her like this
Comentario #14 - Hecho por WTf el 06/10/2011
serisously crossing the line remove this shit
Comentario #13 - Hecho por Question el 06/10/2011
Where is that Melissa Lauren scene from???
Comentario #12 - Hecho por Loca2 el 06/10/2011
Even animals behave better
Comentario #11 - Hecho por Loca el 06/10/2011
Freaking psychos, they seen a woman from 1000 wants to be beaten and now all porn industry shows how I should be treated? You are lost..
Comentario #10 - Hecho por stupid el 06/10/2011
What a fucking douche bag
Comentario #9 - Hecho por morons el 06/10/2011
sick retards
Comentario #8 - Hecho por hurt locker el 06/10/2011
this shit makes ghetto gaggers look like a harlequin novel
Comentario #7 - Hecho por wtf el 06/10/2011
get a new job
Comentario #6 - Hecho por horrible el 06/10/2011
fucking get rid of it
Comentario #5 - Hecho por awesome el 06/10/2011
this is how whores should be treated
Comentario #4 - Hecho por yes el 06/10/2011
I love it. Real men hit women. Every woman I fuck gets marks and if she gets outta line, a black eye.
Comentario #3 - Hecho por Why el 06/10/2011
This is fucking sick and stupid.
Comentario #2 - Hecho por damn el 06/10/2011
Sick shit dude ... but fuck it, i'll wank anyway
Comentario #1 - Hecho por ffs el 06/10/2011
what the fuck is this???? pay some more and cut some fingers next time...